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There is a love called deep care, there is a love called long love company. Some people are hard to give up all their lives, some emotions are never let go. Walking in the vast world, every day, we will meet how many strange individuals, and how many colorful scenery in the fundus. We often go very fast and reach very far, but from beginning to end, our hearts still stay in that harbor of warmth and love. Because the people who love us the most are there and never leave. The Spring Festival is another year of warm reunion. Swiss Mido watches select warm and loving watches to express gratitude and pay tribute to the greatest love of parents in the world.

The most touching thing in the world is love. Because of love, people from loneliness to reunion, from misery to happiness. Because of love, there is the continuation of history, but also the return of humanity. Ordinary day, extraordinary company. Parents accompany us through the innocent, through the green years, through life in every most touching moment. In spite of disappointment, poverty, abjection or failure, there is love where there are parents, and paradise where there is home. When you were young, they were your rock. When they grow up, you are their pride! Swiss Mido Commander series pair watches, from far away Paris, the loyalty and unrequited love condenses on the round and clear dial, as time goes by, the continuity of love is eternal and strong.

Mido Commander men’s watches

. He did not have too many words, simple to you can not guess his deep heart; He did not smile frequently, serious to you dare not look at his deep fundus. His love is in harsh words; His care is locked in his limpid eyes; His greatness rested on his broad shoulders. Like the fragrance of pine and cypress, like the warm spring breeze, like the vast ocean, in his broad mind, store love, hope and miss. Meidu Commander series watches combine father’s tall, tough and bold image with the broad and round dial, achieving a simple and elegant design. Gold scale and diamond polished pointer contains the father’s sincere priceless meaning. Composed match color and solid material make its show a man’s wei an calm. The stainless steel case with the diameter of 40mm is simple and elegant, the movement is decorated with blue screws, and the Geneva ripple and MIDO logo are carefully carved automatically. It always conveys my father’s unique knowledge and rigor. The time, minute, date and week are displayed, and three different locations are tested to verify its accuracy, showing the precision and persistence of paternal love. Unique INCABLOC and NIVACOURBE shockproof systems add to the exceptional shockproof capabilities of the watch, which together with 50m water resistance create a practical and high-quality exclusive experience. It is the father calm majestic, deep and meticulous perfect embodiment.

Mido Baroncelli women’s diamond watch

Time and emotion intertwined, lingering love of the white, mother is the world’s most beautiful call. It is she who puts on warm clothes for you, prepares fragrant delicacies for you, and takes your young hands to feel the unknown world. Even though her beauty fades, she will always be the most beautiful and charming woman in your heart. Mido Baroncelli diamond watches are designed for women, creating a beautiful appearance while highlighting women’s lightness and modesty. Unique curve design, rose gold PVD processing exquisite case, perfect display of elegance and fashion together with the characteristics of creating women will never fade elegant charm. Double – sided anti – blinding sapphire mirror, with 12 dazzling top Weston diamonds, fine embellishing in the 6 – point calendar disk, instantly add graceful movement between the wrist. The 316L stainless steel PVD rose gold folding buckle exudes a dazzling gold glow. With passion and hope for life, let the time flow, leisurely.

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