The original Ant-Man:Hank Pym

Hank Pym discovered a micro-atomic atom that shrank his body to the ant’s volume and then returned to normal human volume. He named it Pym particles in his own name.After the body became smaller, the power of Pym increased. Later, he tried to study the ants and made an electronic helmet that could communicate with the ants, becoming an Ant-Man who can freely reduce and control the ants.

After Dr. Dyne was killed by an alien villain, his daughter Janet van Dyne found Hank, hoping to use Pym particles to avenge his father.Hank told Janet his identity and gave her Pym particles to make her the Wasp, and then they jointly arrested the alien villain, so they became partners and lovers.Later, Hank proposed to form a hero team, and Janet came up with the name of the Avengers.

Ant-man and the Wasp join forces with Iron man, Thor and the Hulk to fight off the threat of the evil god Loki.At the suggestion of the Wasp, the five form The Avengers, the most powerful group of heroes on earth.After joining the team, he found that his strength was inferior to that of Thor and Captain America, etc., so Hank decided to use Pym particles to transform his body into Giant-Man.However, due to the improper use of Pym particles, he has been locked for a long time between a giant and a normal size – 10 feet high (about 3.05 meters).It was hard to back to normal ,during which he used the name Goliath.

Subsequently, Hank was troubled by his lack of achievement in the team and his financial reliance on the wealthy fiancee Janet, which eventually led to schizophrenia and created a name for himself called Yellow Jacket.He violently dealt with the criminal, claiming that he killed Hank Pym and forced Janet to marry him.

After discovering his true identity, Janet agreed to marry him despite his teammates’ opposition.At the wedding, the enemy attacked, and Yellow Jacket saved Janet, exposed his face and restored his reason.In the 181st issue of 1979, they left the Avengers. In the 212st, they returned  because of Janet’s passion for adventure.However, Hank was accused by Captain America for failing in the battle and held an internal trial.Hank had a ridiculous idea to create a robot to attack the trial venue and then defeat the robot himself to prove his strength.As a result, the plan completely failed. Hank also hit the wife who discovered the secret.After being exposed, he was unanimously condemned. He He was forced to accept Janet’s request for divorce, abandon his heroic career and leave home in a hurry.

Hank felt very regretful. When he decided to start again, he was framed by the old enemy (an evil scientist) who used the hostages to force him to steal the military factory and let the Avengers capture him red-handed;Later, he sent a group of villains to arrest Hank, trying to make Hank work for himself.However, Hank defeated him,cleared his name and continued his scientific career.

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