Persona 5 Kaitou Cosplay Costume Reviews

Persona 5 Kaitou Cosplay Costume Protagonist Akira Kurusu Full Set

In the game Persona 5, Protagonist was originally an ordinary, unremarkable high school student, and later awakened Persona’s ability with an event. His appearance looks very well-behaved, but once he becomes a thief, the atmosphere of the whole person will change very much. So people sometimes imagine that they can have super powers and can do what they like to do.

PuttingĀ on this cospaly costume, you are the protagonist Akira Kurusu.


This coat is like a big windbreaker, with an extra long collar, the overall feeling is cold and dark, but also has a charming temperament. The people who wear them will look very slender and will not appear weak. And the black doesn’t look very monotonous, there will be some small long strips.


This shirt is not as easy to use as other ordinary shirts, and has a zipper that is convenient and fast. And the style of the shirt is dark, and the black stripes are decorated before and after, which is more fashionable.


The pants are made of high-quality cotton fabric, which is comfortable and breathable. It will look better with T-shirts.


The protagonist’s eye mask is the only one that can be recognized, which is different from other eye masks. The eye mask seems to be like a bat in the dark. And visibility is good, don’t worry about vision problems.


The red cotton gloves are striking in front of black costumes, which is the Protagonist ‘s exclusive. The most important thing is that the size of the glove is right, so you can choose a custom size to meet the needs of different customers.

Finally, if you want to try this whole set of Persona 5 KaitouĀ Protagonist Akira Kurusu’s cosplay costume, you can try to buy and guarantee value for money.

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