How to find a suitable Claire cosplay costume?

Whether you are a game fan or a movie fan, I believe that Resident Evil is an irreplaceable classic in your mind.The Resident Evil series was adapted from the capcom game Resident Evil, directed by Paul Anderson, starring Mila Jovovich.As a game-adapted movie, it has been loved by enthusiasts around the world for its interlocking plots and realistic effects.

As the female host of the Resident Evil, nature has become the goddess in the minds of most people, becoming the object of most people competing for cosplay.

Resident Evil Cosplay Costumes

Claire Redfield is one of the heroines in the game Resident Evil series. It is the sister of Chris Redfield, a cheerful and curious female college student. Shaped in Resident Evil is a beautiful, gentle, strong woman. Debut works include the game Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil: Mercenary 3D, Gundam 2: Veronica, Resident Evil: Dark Chronicles, Resident Evil: Code Veronica , “Resident Evil: Revelation 2”, “Resident Evil 2 Remastered Edition”, CG film “Resident Evil: Deterioration” and comics “Resident Evil Paradise Island”. The body’s self-defense technique, shooting ability is taught by his brother Chris. She is a kind, caring woman, and her unyielding personality allows her to face a variety of problems.

It is the key to successfully play Claire’s selection of the right Claire cosplay costume. We have chosen a few clothes on this side to give you some advice.

Black base long sleeve

Because of the material of the jacket, in order to make you more comfortable to wear, the black base long sleeve can increase the comfort and layering.Of course, you can also find a black vest instead, because it is used to make the bottom, so there is no big difference on the surface.

Red jacket

The short pu leather material of the jacket looks very skillful, and the short design will be more leg length than the average clothes. The clothes are slightly slim, easy to fight, and can also highlight a better body.

Blue skinny jeans

In the movie, Claire needs to fight with the villains often, so the comfortable pants are an important part.When choosing a pair of pants, pay attention to its elasticity so that you can move freely without hindrance. Also pay attention to the modification of the leg type when using it.

Black booties

Short boots are generally lighter and dirt resistant.You can browse our blog at anytime:


Accessories include belts, holsters, and holsters on the outside of the thighs for storing guns for quick removalies.

This is a woman with extraordinary willpower and bravery. Through your play on her, she can deeply understand her role. I also hope that this cosplay is more than just a fashion show, so you can really appreciate the true meaning of it.

With this cosplay costume, you are ready to accept a complete zombie inventory and have everyone shuffle their thoughts in an event.

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